2019 best time to invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin or BTC is one of the top cryptocurrencies has grown steadily. According to recent reports BTC has grown around $600-$900 and now the price is around $5200. Bitcoin up by 65% from the bottom at $3,200 and a new analysis shows now it is time to invest in it.

New research on crypto market behavior and trading volumes on the Blockchain and Bitcoin long-term price analysis show Bitcoin’s 1-year chart looks extremely bullish and is attempting to enter a new bull market. Also, in April, when Bitcoin closed above its 200-day moving average, a widely accepted technical indicator of bullish momentum.

 In this market, the cryptocurrencies have been losing some of its value for a while, after hitting the top value of them. So now Bitcoin value seems to down but the Bitcoin bull market is back but is still in its very early stages.

Some predict shows it hit up to $6000 in June 2019 and headed to $10,000. Most of the analysis and predicts shows that the Bitcoin value raised to $20000 up to 2021. So best investor when seeing this extremely bullish start to investing in BTC and trading volumes on the Blockchain is raising.

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