Samsung Galaxy S10 Integrate with cryptocurrency wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Integrate with cryptocurrency wallet
The official announcement of Samsung Electronics on the launch of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Samsung Pay integrates for the Galaxy S10.
Samsung with 10 million active users decides to present cryptocurrencies to his big community. Over a month before the formal release of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet on February 21. If a cryptocurrency wallet is added to Samsung Pay, the application will be strengthened as a complete fintech platform. Currently, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is said to be supporting Ethereum but more cryptocurrencies are expected to be integrated into the near-term.

In 2015, Samsung Pay acquired LoopPay for $250 million, an acquisition that had seen mixed reactions from industry analysts.

The acquisition allowed Samsung  Pay users to process payments by hovering the phone over the point of sale (PoS) terminals, providing the platform an edge over its competitors in user experience.

As of April 2018, Samsung Pay recorded $18 billion in transaction volume and industry experts believe the integration of crypto by Samsung Pay could fuel the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially on the side of merchants.

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