A new report shows the United States is the leader of Blockchain jobs

U.S. is leading the world in terms of blockchain-related
jobs, having more than %51 of Blockchain job. 

Data of this report shows “Blockchain Engineer” is the most important title in this business and “Blockchain Developer” are the second and third most popular job titles in the Blockchain industry.

Also, the United States has the highest demand for blockchain developer and it is the first job required in 2018 is Blockchain Developer

Much big companies work hardly on cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and recently Samsung Electronics decide to integrate new product S10 with cryptocurrencies. The result shows that IBM is the largest applicant for Blockchain jobs. In the top 10 companies, only three are reportedly related to digital currencies, which are Foris Limited, Crypto.com, and Wirex. Payment startup Ripple is on the 17th line, and blockchain software Tech Company ConsenSys is the 13th.

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