Most analysts predict Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $20k In March 2021

Bitcoin will hit $20k in 2021
In the 2017 Bitcoin market hit the 20.000 USD and most analysts predict it will happen again in 2021.

According to the leading analysts, Bitcoin is hovering around its bottom now (some say we’ve already hit it) and will climb back to its all-time high around March 2021 – over 2 years from now. This may be frustrating to investors who have lost money in the 2017 bear market, but nobody ever said crypto was a get-rich-quick scheme.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $3,900 and is on its way back up to test its most recent previous high of $4,200. While Bitcoin is seemingly on the rise, the bar pressure is still very strong; just when Bitcoin seems to acquire bullish momentum, it gets shut down by the strong bears who hope to scoop up Bitcoin at lower prices.

many people are using the Bitcoin payment and invest in this cryptocurreny for making money.

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