Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency become 10 years old


cryptocurrency and principles of the new payment system. On January 12, 2009, the first transaction of BTC from Bitcoin wallet to another (peer to peer) happened

In 2017 date of growth and success for the cryptocurrency industry in history and anyone in the world know about Bitcoin and digital coins. In this year, its value grew from $3,000 to $20,000.

During 2018 the Bitcoin rate began to fall down and the price of the first cryptocurrency value fell below $4,000. With the sudden changes in BTC, other cryptocurrencies affect it.

As statics shows, Bitcoin can quickly fall and stay unchangeable for a period, but its price grows and even defeats new psychological marks earlier or later. About 33% startups Intend to use Blockchain as core business.

Based on a survey conducted by Panews 1 in 7 Chinese Have Invested in Cryptocurrency and only 2% chines had not heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. 194 million Chinese at least trade cryptocurrency like EOS (china blockchain platform), Ethereum and Bitcoin. Many governments like Japan, South Korea China try to regulate the crypto industry.

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