US plan to regulate cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings

cryptocurrency and initial coin

The federal government thus far has not regulated a company’s ability to raise money through initial coin offerings. The federal Security Exchange Commission is trying to crack down on fraudulent offerings

Where a company inflates its tokens’ value by making promises it cannot keep. The SEC is setting up a new division to talk to financial technology companies who want to launch initial coin offerings. IN the past, the SEC has found that several initial coin offerings used tokens as publicly traded securities, which are subject to regulations. The bipartisan bill would seek to create an “asset class” for tokens, which would prevent them from being classified as securities but would also allow the federal government to regulate initial coin offerings more effectively.

Initial coin offering is when a company begins to sell a cryptocurrency in the form of tokens. There is a limited amount of these tokens, which is what gives them value. Investors can pay for these tokens with money or existing cryptocurrency. Because these tokens sell quickly and run out, it gives the company a wave of money that it can use to build a product.

The legislation has not yet been introduced but should become public soon. Davidson, a Hamilton Republican who in September invited more than 30 leaders in the industry to discuss potential regulations, is hopeful on what this means for the future of the financial industry.

Davidson announced his plans Monday at the Block land Solutions conference, held in downtown Cleveland. The four-day event is discussing applications for blockchain technology, the online-distributed ledger system on which cryptocurrency is based.

Though the conference focuses on uses outside of cryptocurrency, the main point is how blockchain can be used in government. Lt. Governor-elect Jon Husted spoke Sunday evening about how blockchain technology could be incorporated into InnovateOhio, a plan to modernize Ohio’s governance processes.

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