Use Blockchain and make money at the same time (New startup)

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Miney Coin is a secure cryptocurrency platform based on Blockchain technology that helps users to make money. After us, a startup called Goodr use Blockchain to make money

A startup called Goodr has combined charity, innovation, and a market-based solution to get the rare triple win: Do good for others, find a great actual use for technology, and make money in the process of keeping customers happy.

“What we’re leaning into is the opportunity for us to partner and get food to those in need,” said Sarah Johnson, brand manager for Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Mary Kitchen Hash.

What Goodr does is to make it easier for companies to reduce food waste by giving it to those in need. That is not a new concept. Food pantries have been doing that for years, getting donations from restaurants and food companies.

Then there is the use of Blockchain. The technology is a form of distributed database in which every transaction is tacked onto the end of a ledger. Each party has a copy of the ledger, which uses cryptographic signatures to ensure the integrity of the data.

When the food is picked up, there’s a transaction using a proprietary app. When it arrives at Goodr’s facilities, where it is checked for accuracy of count and condition, another record is added. There is another addition when Goodr brings food to a charity. “We literally have this bulletproof chain of custody,” Crowe said. In addition, that means a great record for any tax authorities.

The app and back-office systems provide other services, like keeping track of donations and calculating the tax value. However, analysis of the data can also show a company how waste varies over time and whether there are any patterns, critical to a business in the industry.

 financial ecosystem use Blockchain and cryptocurrency to develop for updating banking system and this technology help people to make money easier in 2019


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